Adobe Firefly Masterclass: Get into Gen AI with Howard Pinsky

Adobe Live

Join Howard Pinsky for a deep dive into Adobe Firefly! Learn about our text-to-image generations, Generative Fill, Recolor, and much more!

Howard Pinsky is a Senior Creative Cloud Evangelist at Adobe:

Music by Chillhop Music:

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00:00 Start
1:58 Starting work in Adobe Firefly
4:37 Prompting Adobe Firefly
9:40 Pushing Firefly to an advanced direction with prompting
12:17 Generative Fill in Firefly
13:22 Removing part of the generated image
22:52 Text to Image in Adobe Express Beta
24:53 Photoshop Beta: Creative Cloud Desktop App
27:33 Content Aware Fill vs. Generative Fill
35:04 Cleaning up an image
41:29 Restoring an old photograph
42:39 Spot Healing Brush
44:36 Generative Expand
49:45 Selecting channels in Adobe Photoshop
52:04 Generative Fill the pickles
53:26 Generative Expand for videos in Adobe Photoshop Beta