ChatGPT Tutorial 2024: How to Use ChatGPT – Beginner to Pro!

Daragh Walsh

In this up-to-date ChatGPT tutorial you are going learn how to use ChatGPT and go from beginner to pro in 1 hour!

This full ChatGPT course covers everything, from the basics to advanced tips and tricks, including how to use the newest features. Whether you’re new to ChatGPT or already have some experience, this tutorial will show you the best ChatGPT prompts, real-life examples, and practical uses to improve your skills quickl


ChatGPT Signup
ChatGPT iOS App
ChatGPT Android App

Custom Instructions
RICCE Framework


00:00 Intro
01:01 ChatGPT Basics
02:58 ChatGPT Use Cases
04:53 Prompting Tips
11:01 Sharing Prompts
12:25 Custom Instructions
16:58 Enable Beta Features
18:10 Browse with Bing
25:36 ChatGPT Vision
31:51 Advanced Data Analysis
39:42 ChatGPT Plugins
46:16 DALL-E 3
52:19 ChatGPT Voice
55:32 Conclusion

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