Official ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Guide From OpenAI

Skill Leap AI

OpenAI finally recent an official prompt engineering guide for getting better results out of ChatGPT. This official guide if written for developer using the API, but I want to simplify and give you practical prompts, even if you are not a developer and just want to get better answers out of ChatGPT.

This document is broken up in to six strategies for improving our prompts. and within each strategy, they have several practical tactics. And I want to cover each one with prompts included, in this video.

I’ve spend about a year now improving my prompting technique and I still found a lot of useful ideas here.

Here is a link to the official OpenAI post

I’ve put together a complete PDF documents with the strategies and tactics mention in the OpenAI document as well as other useful prompts you can copy and paste.

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