Write the Best ChatGPT Prompts in Open AI GPT4 – Expert Guide – Use the CRAFT Prompt Method

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CRAFT a ChatGPT prompt to get the best possible results. Prompt like an expert and take your AI to the next level. Here are the key TIPS mentioned:

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Free resources for Role Options, Tone/Writing Style Options and format

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Narrow down the subject matter so ChatGPT knows how to focus its output.
-Tell ChatGPT who you are as it relates to the objective.
-Define your larger goals for the output.
-Provide relevant details about your prompt (overshare the most applicable information)

For instance:
-Website content: What are your site’s main themes? Who is your audience? Are you trying to increase traffic? Convert Sales?
-Code Writing: What type of application are you building? What language? Integrations? Functional Objectives?
-Productivity: What work goals are you looking to accomplish? What tools do you use? Are there timeframe implications? What distracts or prevents productivity?
-Fitness: Losing weight? Gaining muscle? Current injuries or restrictions? Do you have a goal date?

State problems you’re experiencing relative to the topic, for example:
-I’m tired of preparing the same meals.
-I would like to increase my flexibility.
-I am new to writing java script.
-I need more traffic for my website.

How would you like ChatGPT to act? Is it an expert or a beginner? Creative or stodgy?
1. Define a Functional Capability – Content writer, Meal Planner, productivity expert, World famous coach… etc…
2. Identify the Domain Area – Fitness, Mediterranean food, Lean manufacturing, Badminton, astronomy… etc…

For writing, make sure to define the Writing Style and Writing Tone. For sample Roles, Writing Styles & Writing Tone:

Make sure to request unique content with one of the following:
-“You are known for your unique perspective and, as a result, are highly regarded by other industry experts.”
-“Please provide insights that most experts seldom consider or that are typically not discussed by thought leaders in the industry.”
-“Write in a way that challenges conventional thinking and may even provoke the audience to embrace a new perspective.”

Concisely define the function you want ChatGPT to perform.
Next, tell ChatGPT the key elements you want by saying things like: “Include the following keywords, ingredients, features, dataset, column headers… in the output”
Tell Chat: Please don’t explain what you’re doing. Please do not self-reference.

-For 500+ word content – “Please write this content in multiple parts. Once you finish a section, pause and I will ask you to continue writing.”
-If you’re writing blog or article content, tell ChatGPT to answer a specific question that you want the article to answer.
-I also say, “I don’t want the article to read like an advertisement”

How do you want the output to appear? The format you select changes the type of information GPT-4 delivers:
-Use tables for idea generation
-If want you to ChatGPT to act as a SQL terminal in front of an example database, tell it that, “you will type queries and ChatGPT should reply with what the terminal would show.” Then ask Chat to “reply with a table of query results in a single code block and nothing else.”
-For articles, ask it to write in Markdown including heading and subheading notation. For content diversity: ask it to include bullet points; Include a relevant and specific quote.
-For plans and instructions, ask Chat to produce the output “in a sequentially numbered list”

-Say, “Do not use single quotes, double quotes or any other enclosing characters.”
-Don’t bother with language like “intersperse long and short sentences”
-Adding external references builds credibility and improves SEO.
For the research in this Prompt, I used:

TARGET (Audience)
Make sure your target audience is defined according to the level of expertise you to see conveyed in the content.
Creating or defining a Persona is a great way to help ChatGPT understand your audience.

-For more interesting content, tell Chat, “the target audience is well informed and stays current with industry news and information.” This will ensure more current and expert results.

In case you want to check the actual article result straight from ChatGPT: